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Brother for Sale
brotherux41 Peanut Butter
2 Brother for Sale
3 Gonna Stay in the Bathcub (Till the soap Disapears)
4 Cattle Drive
5 Desperate for a Dog
6 Hugged by You
7 Echo
8 The New Kid
9. Neighbourhood Kitchen Pots and Pans Rhytm Band
10 Fire Engine
11 Uh-oh Accident
12 I Can’t Hear my Parents Call
13 Identical Twins
14 Show and Tell
15 Sofa Mobile
16. Imagine

I Am the Cute One
1 Double Up
2 I Am The Cute One
3 Ginger The Talking Horse
4 Broccoli and Chocolate
5 Ida Know
6 My Horse and Me
7 The Train
8 I Am A Kid
9 Yakety Yak
10 One Buffalo, Two Buffali
11 The Popcorn Three
12 No One Tells The President What To Do
13 Don’t Let Your Mom Go Shopping
14 The Backwards Songbox
15 We Love To Scream
16 Mom’s Song (We Think We’ll Keep You)

Give Us A Mistery
image1wx51 Give Us A Mistery
2 B-U-T-T Out
3 Bravery
4 That Funky Musicology
5 The Ghost Song (No Such Thing)
6 Nothing To Do
7 I’d Like To Be A Cowboy
8 It’s Not Logical
9 Lotta Rocks
10 At the End of the Day
11 How the West was Fun

Sleepover Party
image2mz71 You’re Invited
2 Dare To Dance
3 Video Monsters
4 Very Very Unbelievably Scary
5 Gimme Pizza
6 Pulling An At Nighter
7 Step Right Up
8 Mummies Have Mommies Too
9 Wild Wet Wacky Wonderful World
10 Sand, Sand, Glorious Sand
11 Why Can We Live In A Hotel All The Time
12 Our Dog Has Eaten Our Homework
13 Stay In Evil
14 I’d Rather Be Surfing

Birthday Party
image3lr11 Moom Bounce Madness
2 Pool Party
3 Pinata Party
4 Makeover Machine
5 Screamin’ Screamin’ Slamming Jamming Really Scary Rides
6 The Bare Necessities
7 Come On
8 Critters on my Crackers
9 Raptor
10 Lazy Rainy Afternoon
11 If We Ran The Navy
12 You’re Invited

Ballet Party
1 Dancing You’re Dreams
2 Practise, Practise, Practise
3 Sore Feet
4 Tchaik Ovsky-Medley Part l
5 Butterfly’s In Your Stomach
6 Tchaik Ovsky-Medley Part ll
7 Dancing Your Dreams
8 Tchaik Ovsky-Medley Part lll
9 Meet You at the Mall
10 Toys (When I Grow Up)
11 Food Court
12 Decisions, Decisions
13 Instant Party
14 Ice Cream Crazy
15 Going Trough Our Mom’s Stuff
16 Honky Tonk Hip Hop
17 Come As You Are

Cool Yule
1 I Do Believe Its Christmas Eve
2 Swingle Bells
3 White Christmas
4 T’ Was The Night Before Christmas
5 Sleigh Ride
6 The Twelve Days of Christmas
7 Christmas Carol Medley
8 What Christmas Means To Me
9 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
10 Rocking Around The Christmas Three
11 Silent Night


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