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Welcome to Olsen Fan! We're your Dutch source for everything Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Please make sure that you return for all of the latest news, photos and projects as we're updating the site on regular basis. We are simply a fansite that posts news found on the internet or given to us but we simply do not claim it as our own copyrighted information. Enjoy your stay! - Marijke


Full House
Ashley: Michelle Elizabeth Tanner
Mary-kate: Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

Two of a Kind
Ashley: Ashley Burke
Mary-kate: Mary-kate Burke

So Little Time
Ashley: Chloe Carlson
Mary-kate: Riley Carlson

Mary-kate and Ashley in Action
Ashley: Ashley; Special Agent Amber
Mary-kate: Mary-kate; Special Agent Misty

To Grandmothers House we Go
Ashley: Julie Thompson
Mary-kate: Sarah Thompson

Double Double Toil and Trouble
Ashley: Lynn Farmer
Mary-kate: Kelly Farmer

How the West was Fun
Ashley: Jessica Martin
Mary-kate: Susie Martin

It Takes Two
Ashley: Alyssa Callaway
Mary-kate: Amanda Lemmon

Billboard Dad
Ashley: Emily Tyler
Mary-kate: Tess Tyler

Switching Goals
Ashley: Emma Stanton
Mary-kate: Samatha ‘Sam’ Stanton

Passport to Paris
Ashley: Allyson ‘Ally’ Porter
Mary-kate: Melanie ‘Mel’ Porter

Our Lips Are Sealed
Ashley: Ashley Parker; Andrea Frauenfelder; Abby Turtleby
Mary-kate: Mary-kate Parker; Karla Frauenfelder; Maddy Turtleby

Winning Londen
Ashley: Riley Lawrence
Mary-kate: Chloe Lawrence

Holiday in the Sun
Ashley: Alex Stewart
Mary-kate: Madison Stewart

Getting There
Ashley: Taylor Hunter
Mary-kate: Kylie Hunter

When in Rome
Ashley: Leila
Mary-kate: Charli

The Challenge
Ashley: Lizzie Dalton
Mary-kate: Shane Dalton

New York Minute
Ashley: Jane Ryan
Mary-kate: Roxanne ‘Roxy’ Ryan

The Adventures of Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen
Ashley: Ashley
Mary-kate: Mary-kate

You’re Invited to Mary-kate and Ashley’s…
Ashley: Ashley
Mary-kate: Mary-kate


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