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Welcome to Olsen Fan! We're your Dutch source for everything Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Please make sure that you return for all of the latest news, photos and projects as we're updating the site on regular basis. We are simply a fansite that posts news found on the internet or given to us but we simply do not claim it as our own copyrighted information. Enjoy your stay! - Marijke

Greatest Hits 1, 2 en 3

Greatest Hits 1
g1sv91 Dancing Your Dreams
2 Ice Cream Crazy
3 Meet You at the Mall
4 Makeover Machine
5 Pool Party
6 The Bare Necessities
7 Pullin At All Nighter
8 I’d Rahter Be Surfing
9 Dare To Dance
10 I Am The Cute One
11 No One Tells The President What To Do
12 Brohter For Sale
13 I Am Still Me
14 Fashion Jr. High
15 Where Gonna Start Something New
16 It’s Not Me – It’s You

Greatest Hits 2
1 The Noys About Boys
2 Saturday Night
3 Monday Morning
4 Waiting Game
5 Sore Feet
6 Toys (When I Grow Up)
7 Instant Party
8 Going Trough Our Mom’s Stuff
9 Moon Bounce Madness
10 Pinata Party
11 Lazy Rainy Afternoon
12 If We Ran The Navy
13 Gimme Pizz
14 Our Dog Has Eaten Our Homework
15 Wild Wet Wacky Wonderful World
16 You’re Invited

Greatest Hits 3
g3np41 That Funky Musicology
2 Bravery
3 Gimme The Life Of A Pirate
4 Who Would You Be
5 All Together
6 Flip
7 Miami
8 Let Your Mind Meander
9 Footprints on the Moon
10 B-U-T-T Out
11 The Ghost Song (No Such Thing)
12 Sharks
13 Give Us A Mistery


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